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    About GV Exhausts

    Aug 18,2022 | GV Exhausts

    Gusto Engineering was the first in China to provide one-stop solution for motor racing products import, installation, and after-sales maintenance & services.  On the other hand, VANHOOL has been an expert in bespoke and aftermarket automobile exhaust products manufacturing since 1995.

    Through out the years both companies have grown and proven to be successful in their fields.  In October 2019, Gusto & VANHOOL decided to joint venture, combining their strengths and launched a brand new high-end exhaust label, GV Exhausts.  The mission is to provide the finest quality exhaust products for different applications, with knowledge came directly from motor racing.  

    GV systems are designed and made of pure titanium metal, but austenitic stainless steel is also an optional material if customers prefer.  Titanium is chosen to be the default material because it has an advantage over stainless steel on weight, strength, and heat resistance, hence better overall performance.  It also gives the exhausts very distinctive and powerful sound.  

    All titanium raw material used on GV products are imported, and will go through precise quality control before each production cycle.  Purity of the titanium  reaches 99.98%-99.99%, which allows products to withstand temperature well above 1500℃, and can easily cope with heavily modified turbine vehicles.

    GV products feature with valve control units that allow different gas and sound flow under different occasions .  The motorised valve controls are supplied by a world-known OEM in the automotive industry.  This means the operating algorithm complies with the original ECU and eliminates mis-operations that might cause damages.

    Range of machineries and equipments in the manufacturing facility that allows GV to bespoke some of the most complicated systems includes 3D scanner, fully automatic laser cutting, laser welding, pipe bending, CNC machining tools… etc.

    When a project vehicle arrives GV’s facility, 3D scans will be conducted and measurements will be taken on the vehicle, exhaust layout, mounting points.  After cross-referencing  all the precise information, the team can design and put together a product will fit perfectly on the original position. 

    Typical lead time for GV to design and manufacture a new product is around two weeks.  Unlike many other exhaust products on the market that are assembled with multiple common components, GV exhausts are designed from a clean sheet of paper and fabricated to give the best results in terms of performance and acoustically.

    Besides performance gains, good exhaust systems should also provide balance in each of the NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) level.  There are industry standards for OEM models but usually got neglected for aftermarket items.  GV on the other hand, have taken NVH level into consideration when creating our exhausts.  A series of long distance road tests that covers different RPM and speed range will be conducted before final approval of a product line. 

    GV made its first major appearance at SPA500 endurance race in Oct 2019.  Former WTCC World Champ & WTCR race winner Robert HUFF lead Teamwork Huff and 4 Hong Kong drivers to a 3rd place finish in the Pro-Am class (7th overall) after a 23hours, 452 laps battle at the famous Spa-Francorchamps circuit. 

    Rob HUFF and Alex HUI, founder of Gusto Engineering, visited the GV Exhausts factory.  An in-depth tour about the technologies and operations was given by Mr. LI Yongxing, GM of VANHOOL.  At the end HUFF was impressed with the craftsmanship that GV has reached in such a short time, and also gave valuable opinions on areas that limits can be further extended.  

    It is GV’s objective to bring the most exquisite products that improve performances and enhance driving experience.  With the extensive technical and racing knowledge,  GV can bespoke systems for various type of engines.  The exhaust valve control system give the flexibility for drivers to change the characteristic in one switch.  The control unit is proven to be reliable and can match majority of the vehicles on current market.   Contact us if you want to learn more.  


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